Glorious Customs

Dealing With Customs Formalities & Tax Issues

Dealing With Customs Formalities & Tax Issues

GLORIOUS acts as a tax representative of international companies

A customs declaration is required for all product (non-document) shipments by customs authorities for import control and duty and taxes calculation. GLORIOUS specializes in providing cost effective custom clearing services. We handle the clearance of various consignments arriving by Air, Land and Sea. We ensure speedy clearance of your consignment and delivery to your doorstep. In this we also provide all documentation, cargo handling, examination of shipments, cargo carting, ocean and airfreight forwarding and warehousing services.


Our staff keeps abreast of the latest updates of procedures, rules, and regulations associated to trade and customs restrictions. Our clearance department is well versed in giving constant assistance to the clients in regards to:

  • Permanent Export and Import Procedure
  • Temporary Import Procedure
  • Transit Import/Export Procedure
  • Hazardous Cargo Handling Procedures for Import & Export
  • Temperature controlled & Perishable Shipment Handling - For Import & Export
  • Personal / Commercial Vehicle registration and Cancellation Processes – Inward & Outward
  • Cargo Handling
  • Medical Shipment Handling
  • Project Cargo Handling, O/D Cargo Specializations – Import & Export
  • Charter Flight Services
  • Legal Valuation and Assessment of the Goods.
  • Custom Duty and Tax Assessment.

GLORIOUS offers you an extensive logistics service package, including the handling of all customs formalities and tax issues. Our team of experienced and certified declarants takes care of all customs formalities. They also give advice on the import, export, transit and storage of goods.


Hassle Free Life is our Gift for You

Customs clearance is a complex process and it is vital to make accurate declarations.

GLORIOUS, we are very familiar with customs processes and we are electronically linked to the customs departments. We can cut through the red-tape, complete documentation quickly and correctly and get your shipments custom cleared fast, keeping your goods ‘on the move’.

Our international network allows us to be up-to-date with the current Customs issues and legislations, latest customs requirements and procedures in various countries.

Customs Clearance

Main freight offers customs clearance for both your road transport shipments and Air & Ocean shipments. If you are looking for successful customs clearances, please consider this

Commercial Invoice

The following items must be included on the commercial invoice:

  • Goods description including statistic codes (HS-codes)
  • Gross & net weight; packaging types and amount
  • Packing list
  • Value per piece and the Total value of the shipment
  • Currency of the transaction
  • Country of origin and destination
  • Name and address of importer and exporter
  • Bank details of the importer and exporter
  • Delivery conditions (Incoterms)
  • Date of issue

Scope of Clearance for Sea/Air:

  • Export Declaration
  • Import Clearance
  • Free zone documentation/ Internal Transfers
  • Cargo Inspection