Glorious Predictive Supply Chain

Predictive Supply Chain

Predictive Supply Chain

Optimize your flows based on your preferences

Predictive Supply Chains are using your visibility and market big data to plan ahead and optimize your flows based on your preferences. Different routings and modes can be used to bring your product from A to Z, all with their own price, transit time and emission. The planning tool will support you in making the right decision.

Our planning tool reacts to in transit changes and improves transport decisions. It is constantly watching, modeling, re-calculating and learning so the predictions it makes and the actions it takes tomorrow are even better than the ones it made yesterday

Predictive Supply Chains Services

Our consultancy services cover:

  • Identify the best routing based on customer priority Price, Transit time, CO2
  • Changes in your SC will drive automatic re-planning for continuous network optimization
  • Value added API

Predict the demand for your products & of your customers

  • Knowing the popularity of each of your products within the near future gives you the opportunity to optimize your warehouse and your  costs of storage. High demand products will be ordered frequently and should be stored in a place that is easy to reach. On the other hand, products that will be less popular in the upcoming period will not be ordered a lot and can be placed in the back of your warehouse. Also, knowing the approximate demand for each product allows you to manage your inventory well. This prevents over- or understocking.
  • Prediction of the customers demand will give you many new opportunities. It is valuable to know which customer will order your products at which day. Knowing this gives you more time to optimize your transport. You can make better decisions about outsourcing orders to other parties. Having an accurate view of the resources you require in the upcoming time also allows you to make better human resource schedules. If peaks in your workload are known beforehand, you can choose to have fewer people on standby. This reduces your personal costs and provides your employees with a more predictable work environment.