Glorious Po Management Collaboration

Po Management Collaboration

Po Management Collaboration

End to End Supply Chain

We offer End to End Supply Chain management on SKU level, fit to your specific needs,  in one single web solution including document sharing and online communication with all Supply Chain parties involved. Starting from PO creation, supplier follow up, consolidation, through receipt and the delivery to final destination it gives you visibility and control from ordering till production till delivery. This control tower will support your planning, execution and monitor your inventory management in one single web tool.

Po Management Collaboration Services

Our consultancy services cover:

  • Integrate your end-to-end network
  • Track and trace your shipments on PO level
  • Automated document creation and upload
  • Collaboration with all Supply Chain partners
  • Inventory management in one tool
  • Mobile Application

Necessary, justified and optimized purchase order

We in Glorious, automate purchase orders for ease management of the orders. We pave the way for smart purchase management in order to execute necessary, justified and optimized purchase order utilizing bellow actions:

  • Create purchase orders for vendors and convert new items into assets automatically
  • Auto-fill purchase order fields with the organization's name, billing address, shipping address, and tax-rate to make the filing process easy
  • Make purchase approval effortless with automated approval processes
  • Set up quick and easy email notifications for approvers from within purchase orders