Glorious Terminal Overview

Terminal Overview

Terminal Overview


For Glorious warehousing is not only a building where goods and materials are stored, but also it is a procedure of quick access and safe storing of classified materials.

Whether you are planning to build a comprehensive international supply chain, or simply needing to manage a seasonal inventory upsurge, we can help. We have more than one hundred thousand square meters of strategically sited storage distribution centers and consolidation centers, designed to support a wide range of different industries.

Lashing & Securing

Heavy, Difficult & Big Machineries Lashing for Good & Safest Movement

We provide A-Z logistic services including cargo Lashing and Securing

Lashing is used for heavy, difficult & big machineries for good & safest movement. There are two types of lashing. One is Cord strap lashing & another one is Tested wire lashing.

Container & Breakbulk

For Glorious, the size is not important. We can load, unload and transport what customer demands, any size, any type.

In international ocean freight shipping, there are two options for cargo transportation: containers or breakbulk. The difference between both options is simply that break bulk refers to individual or loose materials that are loaded, shipped and unloaded from the ship, and containers refers to a storage unit where all of the materials stay.

Stripping & Stuffing

Our trained and experienced personnel places your goods securely into a container whether loose, unwrapped, wrapped, palletized or crated.

Stuffing and Stripping container services are often additional services that are sought in the entire supply chain of your project cargo. With the possibility of combining the storage of your goods and providing these freight services, Glorious is able to optimize your logistics process due to our dedicated team of professionals. We offer competitive all-in pricing in addition to the latest equipment and facilities to handle your cargo.